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The conclusion of the linguistic weakness conference activities


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Linguistic weakness conference in the Sudanese universities - Problems and Solutions


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Welcome to the faculty of medicine and health sciences, Omdurman Islamic university family. Medical school challenges the best and the brightest minds to learn the science of medicine, public health, art of researches and conduct professional and ethical behavior. The faculty of medicine and health sciences takes part in its commitment toward educating next generation of scientists, public health practitioners and clinicians. We look forward to full participation in our commitment to improve the health of underserved people in urban and rural communities.

Whether teaching, doing research, or providing services to the community, our faculty is united in their effort to train outstanding clinicians, scientists and community health workers. Our graduates act both locally and globally to fulfill our mission.

 I am sure that you will have a meaningful experience. We are so proud distinct educational pathways which train the best leaders in different fields.

We provide for all students a high quality educational experience that is rigorous, and committed to professionalism.


Dr. Sharfi Abdelgadir omer



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